At-a-glance: What happens next?

Now that results are in for the eighth European Parliament, here’s a timeline of the next key stages:


  • Tuesday 27: European Council (heads of gov’t) informal evening dinner to discuss nomination for Commission president. (& EPP pre-meeting.)
  • Parliament group leaders meet same day to discuss same issue.


  • throughout: negotiations on formation of new Parliament including key-post holders, new smaller groups, committee & delegations
  • 26-27: European Council – formal EC president nomination to EP
  • 30: former MEPs leave office; new MEPs take office next day


  • 1-3: constituent meeting of Eighth European Parliament in Strasbourg, elects President and vice-presidents
  • 1: Italian Council presidency begins
  • 8-10: constituent meetings of new committees
  • 14-17: Plenary, Strasbourg, including election of EC president


  • 22-25: Parliamentary hearings for Commissioner nominations


  •  Parliament approves full Commission line-up


  • 1: new Commission takes office


  • 1: new President of European Council takes office

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