Correlation Table 2.0

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Last month I posted a first version of a ‘correlation table’ aiming to show how the elements (or priorities) of a proposed “energy union” fit with basic EU treaty provisions and with other EU policies and laws.

See 15 Nov: Energy policy contains 4 objectives, not 3 or 5.

Since then, incorporating feedback from a variety of people – for which thanks! – I’ve made a new clarified and expanded version of the same table, available in three formats below.

My basic point is that the Union institutions can only act in so far as they are empowered by the EU treaties and therefore that proposed actions must fit with the treaties. Moreover, with “energy union”, we are not starting with a blank page; we must take account of what has already been done over past years, which is substantial.

Further feedback, discussion and sharing as ever welcome.

Corellation Table v2

Click on image to enlarge * PDF VERSIONGoogle Doc




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