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A 7-page internal memo circulated among EC energy officials in November contains a long-list of 40 “key actions” that could or would contribute to “energy union” (whatever that means). Though I will not post the full leaked document here, I’ve made a summary list below to share what is and isn’t part of the EC’s current/recent thinking. I make no comment on the obvious duplications and overlaps. All the usual caveats regarding leaked drafts apply. Nudges in emphasis are my own. A final “energy union” paper is expected next month.

[draft/prospective] KEY EC ACTIONS 2015-16

Priority – supply security
  • explore common purchasing gas
  • (merged) review gas supply security rules, inc. explore reserves obligations
  • closer EC involvement in IGAs with 3rd countries
  • G7 G20 IEA dialogues i.a.
  • diversify fuel supplies; gas corridors & LNG
  • stronger Energy Community
  • discuss external companies via-a-vis internal rules (e.g. Gazprom)
  • assess industrial bases for energy technologies & knowledge
  • assess capacities for renewables growth
Priority – internal market
  • finish adoption of gas & electricity network codes (was due 2014)
  • finish implementation of 3rd package; review 3rd package
  • finish discussion paper re electricity retails markets (was due 2014)
  • accelerate electricity & gas inter-connection plans (PCI & CEF rules)
  • more regional cooperation in electricity; ensure capacity schemes don’t get (further) out of hand
  • progress on smart grids; smart cities
  • explore renewable energy growth strategy
  • explore options to tackle prices, inc taxes, tariffs & levies
  • explore governance options, inc poss stronger ACER role
  • explore 2050 investment stimulation framework
  • (2017-19) Review & prolong state aid guidelines for 2021-2030
Priority – energy savings
  • review of eco-design framework law
  • review of energy labelling framework law
  • review of energy efficiency framework law
  • review of energy performance of buildings framework law
  • review of vehicle CO2 standards regulations (cars, vans & trucks)
  • further deployment of smart meters
Priority – emissions reductions
  • UNFCCC inc COP21 Paris (with EEAS)
  • general revision of EU ETS for 2021-2030 phase 4 (with similar derogations)
  • national 2030 GHG caps for non -ETS sectors (new ‘Effort-Sharing’ Decision)
  • review of renewable energy framework law
  • review of CO2 geological storage framework law
  • review of fuel quality framework law
  • develop biomass & biofuels policy 2021-30
  • 2030 governance
  • coordination with local air pollution laws/standards
  • (2017-19) inclusion of land-use & forestry into GHG rules
Priority – research & innovation
  • Horizon 2020 (& SET Plan)
  • coordinate research with innovation
  • coordinate research with investment and regulation
  • coordinate funding e.g. Horizon 2020, NER300/400
  • external diplomacy
  • 2050 pathways initiative

One thought on “#energyunion long-list

  1. Dear Mark,
    very interesting summary. I am a bit surprised, that despite the mentioning of the importance of heating, this topic/sector does not get focussed attention. In addition to all these items mentioned, there should be a point reading “prepare a low carbon heating/cooling strategy for the EU”. Do you have any thoughts on this? Possibly we can exchange over a coffee?


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