Rudd’s rules

Amber RuddHere are the speaking notes used by UK’s Amber Rudd in Parliament on 17 Sept. The UK is pushing for Europe already to go beyond the agreed 2030 framework so as to ensure all member states start planning to meet common energy and climate goals up to 2050. In the text, this is covered by priority 3 on page 4. The UK thinking is reflected already in the draft conclusions for the 26 November Energy Council. ☙

One thought on “Rudd’s rules

  1. Given the “more or less” aboltion of DECC by Osborne, Amber would seem to be minister without department since it now falls to a B liar apparachic Adonis to define UK energy direction (one supposes on the principle of policy based evidence fabrication – make up the policy & fabircate the evidence to support it). The speaking notes BTW were anodyne in the extreme.

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