Council agendas #EU2016NL

Dutch presidency

Scheepsvaartmuseum and Marine Etablissement Amsterdam (MEA). Thanks @EU2016NL

The following summary is extracted from Council doc 15548/15 listing the provisional draft agendas under the incoming Dutch presidency for first-half 2016. For background, see also 18-month work plan in doc 15258/15.

Environment Councils

  • 4 March: Brussels
    • Circular economy; policy debate
    • Paris Agreement; policy debate
    • European Semester, Annual Growth Survey 2016 and 2030 sustainable development agenda; exchange of views
  • 14-15 April, Amsterdam informal, with transport ministers
  • 20 June: Luxembourg
    • ETS revision proposal; policy debate
    • Circular economy; conclusions
    • Wildlife trafficking; exchange of views; (poss) conclusions
    • (poss AOB) not-ETS GHG proposals
    • (poss AOB) Wildlife laws, REFIT outcome

Energy Councils

  • 4 February, Amsterdam
  • 11 April: Amsterdam informal
  • 6 June: Luxembourg
    • revised market arrangements; policy debate
    • heating/cooling & LNG; presentation EC strategies
    • energy labelling rules; progress report
    • gas & IGA lex proposals; progress reports

Foreign Affairs Councils

  • 15 February, Brussels
    • climate diplomacy, revised action plan

In addition, the 17-18 March European Council (gov’t leaders summit) meeting is expected to discuss the Paris Agreement.

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