Free movement maintained

British Prime Minister David Cameron arrives for an official state dinner for Britain's Queen Elizabeth II, in front of Germany's President Joachim Gauck's residence Bellevue Palace in Berlin, Wednesday, June 24, 2015. Queen Elizabeth II and her husband Prince Philip are on an official visit to Germany until Friday, June 26. (AP Photo/Markus Schreiber)

My 9-point short summary of Cameron’s ‘EU’ deal:

  • UK “special status” claim: nothing new; past opt-outs (e.g. currency) maintained
  • Treaty change: none in current deal; future changes subject to normal veto
  • Free movement: maintained
  • Economic governance: a Council delegation may temporarily delay a vote on new rules pending further talks, guided by six principles listed in agreement
  • Non-discrimination: (subject to co-decision & possible ECJ review)
    • from 2017 temporary 7-year derogation affecting in-work tax discounts for each new worker tapered over 4 years
    • indexed discounting of non-resident child benefits
    • better controls re non-EU nationals’ access e.g. via ‘sham’ marriages
  • “Ever closer union”: no change to treaty references or meanings. UK likely to get e.g. declaratory protocol annexed at next treaty change
  • Red-card scheme: 55% or more of national parliaments can block a new law
  • De-regulation (‘competitiveness’/’better regulation’): general declarations of intent; specific measures subject to due process e.g. new, amended or repealed EU legislation (Juncker commission already committed to this in 2014)
  • Application: only after UK decides to remain in EU.


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