MarkJohnston.org is a hub for my interests and work on European affairs, chiefly climate, energy and environmental law- and policy-making. The main aim is to share ideas and information among friends, colleagues and others throughout Europe so as to aid progress toward shared societal goals. The site will be developed over time as new projects are realised. New posts appear on the home page. Menus, e.g. for monitoring, data or links, will be added later. I hope you find it useful. Feedback is always welcome.


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private and confidential

In the interests of transparency and better public policy-making, I often share otherwise unpublished documents via this blog and/or other channels. Sources are always treated confidentially. If you wish to share a document and would, for whatever reason, prefer not to use email (mark.johnston.esq–at–gmail.com) then you can post it to me in the classical way using a plain brown envelope to: Mark Johnston, Rue Amédée Lynen 8, 1210 Brussels.